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Kinder Wet & Dry Bags

Further to the wet/dry bag fundraiser, we’ve decided to participate in a permanent relationship with the company Mama’s Natural Magic whereby we have a link on our website for their wet/dry bags, and they reimburse us 15% of any sales generated.

The Kindergarten Wet & Dry Bag is a reusable, water resistant bag, designed to keep a spare set of clothes in, and to carry any wet and dirty clothes home again. It is also extremely practical when going swimming, while on holidays and more.

With the new plastic bag ban in place, there soon won’t be any old plastic shopping bags available to place dirty or wet clothes in.

By investing in a Kindergarten Wet & Dry Bag, you will not only help our kinder, you will also save single use plastic bags from landfill!

To Order:

1. Simply follow this link to the Mama’s Natural Magic – Kindergarten Wet & Dry Bag page.

2. Select the designs and quantity of Kindergarten Wet and Dry Bags you require.

3. Complete payment and your order will be sent directly to you.

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